Sadly about 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage 

Many women will go through miscarriage and recover quickly.  However, if you have suffered a miscarriage, you may have endured physical and emotional pain.  You may have experienced labour and delivered your baby.  Many women experience a broad and often exhausting spectrum of emotions following miscarriage: maybe sadness, grief, guilt, anxiety.  Maybe anger or fear. If your experience was particularly difficult you may even be feeling traumatised or suffering depression.  

How you felt you were supported during your miscarriage will have impacted upon how you are feeling now.  If you were not well supported and your miscarriage was difficult, you may be struggling.  

Perhaps you have found sharing your experiences on various online forums helpful.  You may have gained support on a helpline or you may have had counselling.  However, if you are still struggling, we can offer effective therapy to enable you start to feel better.


  • We can help you you feel less anxious and improve sleep
  • We can help you grieve 
  • We can help you let go of trauma and depression
  • We can help you look forward to another pregnancy and birth
  • We can help you enjoy another pregnancy and birth  


Husbands and partners can also be suffering following miscarriage, even traumatised.  We can provide effective therapy and support.   


Please phone Rosie Goode on 07806 994636 or click here to email so we can discuss how we can help you.  


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